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Terms and conditions

Entry and usage of the International Program Accreditation Portal website is subject to the following terms and conditions: in addition to the UAE laws, entry to the website means that you agree to abide by these terms and conditions, regardless whether you are​ a registered user or not. Entry, browsing and using this website means that you accepted, without preconditions and restrictions, the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.

Agreement Amendment:
The International Program Accreditation Portal has the right to amend the terms and conditions where a notification will be issued on this page; the amendment will be enforced as soon as it is issued if not otherwise mentioned. Repeated usage of the website after the issuing of these amendments means you agree to the amendments, therefore it is your responsibility to visit this page constantly to review the current terms and conditions.

You agree to enter and use the website for legitimate matters only; you are completely responsible for knowing and adhering to each and every clause, regulation, rules, and terms related to using the website. By entering the website you agree to refrain from:

  1. Using the website to commit a crime or to encourage others to be involved in any activity that constitute to criminal offense or is of civic liability.
  2. Post or publish any unlawful content be it discriminatory, libelous, harassing, defamatory or indecent.
  3. Using the website to impersonate personnel or other parties
  4. Using the website to upload any material that contains viruses, Trojans or any computer code, files or programs that work on altering or damaging or hindering the running of the website or any system or program that belong to any person who enters the website.
  5. Downloading, entering, sending or any form of transmission of material that you are not entitled to transmit under any law or contractual agreement.
  6. Altering, damaging or removing any content on the website
  7. Disrupting the normal flow of communication in any form
  8. Alleging to be connected to, or to represent any business, association or authority without you being authorized to have such a representation.
  9. Publishing or transmitting any advertorial material in any promotional form
  10. Publishing any material that violates the intellectual right of others or collecting or storing any personal information that belong to others.

Some parts of the website are only accessible to registered members and/or allow the user to ask for support or electronic services through entering personal information. You agree that any information represented to us is complete and accurate and that you will not register and try to enter the website using another user’s name. The International Program Accreditation Portal will not issue a user name that it deem inappropriate.

Termination of Usage:
The International Program Accreditation Portal has every right, according to what it deems appropriate, to terminate or suspend your usage of this website without prior notice for any reason whatsoever including the violation of the terms and conditions or any behavior the International Program Accreditation Portal considers unlawful or harmful to others. In the case of termination you will not be allowed to access the website and the International Program Accreditation Portal will use any possible method to enforce this barring.

Links to other websites:
Some links on the site lead to websites that are not run by the International Program Accreditation Portal, the International Program Accreditation Portal does not have any control over these sites neither does it review or control the content of these sites. The International Program Accreditation Portal supplies these links for facilitation and such links are not placed to promote products, services or information and does not imply any link between the International Program Accreditation Portal and operators of the sites. When you select a link belonging to an external site you adhere to the terms and conditions of that site.

The International Program Accreditation Portal has the right to monitor any information that you enter but it is not responsible to do so. Even though the International Program Accreditation Portal cannot monitor everything inputted into the website we still have to right to remove or edit any entered material that violates the terms and conditions. The UAE and foreign laws of copyright and international conventions protect the contents of this site; you agree to abide by all copyright notices posted on this site.

You agree to defend, secure and maintain the integrity of the International Program Accreditation Portal’s website and all of its employees and agents from any and all liability that may result from any claim arising from any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions including the costs and fees for lawyers. You agree to cooperate fully in the defense against such claims, and the International Program Accreditation Portal has the right to assume, at its own expense, the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you. You agree not to settle any matter without the written consent of the International Program Accreditation Portal. ​​