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The International Program Accreditation Portal (IPAP) was designed to be a public portal that provides information about the Strategic National KPI: The percentage of nationally accredited programs in higher education institutions that have received international accreditation.

Definition of the KPI: The percentage of nationally accredited programs, in higher education institutions, that have received international accreditation

This a strategic national KPI that measures the percentage of nationally accredited undergraduate programs that have received an additional accreditation by a recognized international body. For the programs to be eligible for the KPI, the following three conditions must be met:

  1. There is an international body that accredits the specialization of the program.
  2. The program must have, at least, graduated two batches.
  3. English is the primary instruction language for the program

To calculate the KPI, relevant information is collected from all higher education institutions in the country, including federal, local government, private, and those in the free zones.

The KPI is calculate according to the following formula:

(The total number of eligible programs that obtain international recognition in higher education institutions / The total number of programs eligible to apply for international accreditation to apply) x 100 ​​​​​​​